G12 National Conference: Breath of Life

And the Spirit breathed His life on me [us]



(source: Pastor Dave’s FB) October 3o, 2013

I praise God for bringing SBCC (Sampaloc Bible Christian Community) in G12 Conference held in World Trade Center, Manila. Last Year, you can count using your fingers the attendees from our Church in this conference, but now (Oh my Lord, we Praise You!) we are hundreds of hundreds! (Haha, I do not know the exact number) The people above are just the available ones when picture taking happened. Anyway, it is not just about the number of attendees (it means a lot, tho) it is about God revealing His vision to the hearts of every SBCCers, and that makes my heart cry for joy!

There are many things I learned from this conference, I’ll let you know five of them. 😀

1. Dancing is Biblical

Hahahha. Forgive me if this is my first point, but I love this fact. We had this moment that we’re all dancing and it’s my [our] surprise that even the National 12 danced on the stage! We were led by Pstra and Pstr Castellanos. This gave me a glimpse of heaven– How crazy can we be in worshiping our God in Heaven!

2. I am free

Whom the Lord sets free is indeed free. 

A girl who was sexually abused was set free from the stronghold of the demon. I saw it with my two beautiful [haha] eyes! Our Lord freed that girl through Pastor Castellanos, it’s a marvelous sight! Seeing/feeling the Lord’s glory first hand. Oh Lord.. I praise You!

And all of the people there who committed their lives to our Lord were freed. ❤ ❤

3. The Bible is not just the word of God.. it is a WOOOORRDDDD OF GOD!!

4. There are 6 qualities that will lead us to success in God’s vision

a. Excellence in Faith

Successful people have this great faith in their great God who does great things! Everything is just great when God is involved! Our faith must be excellent for this Jesus who shed all of His blood for our sake.

b. Knowledge [Knowledgeable]

Study and meditate His WOOOOORDDDD day and night!

c. Self-Control [Controlled]

People who believe in the God of the universe have a knowledge of self-control– must say NO to what the flesh wants and say YES to what the spirit reveals.

d. Patience [Patient]

Silently waiting upon the Lord and do not be anxious about everything. Be patient! If we learn how to wait on the Holy Spirit, we will bring championship to our nation!

I think patience is also extending your wire of love to those annoying folks.

e. Godliness

Permanently living in God’s presence. Being godly is not being religious, religious people are annoying– “Oh you have to this and that because..so..” Being godly is following His will, loving and obeying His way.

f. Love

This is the greatest. This enables all of the qualities to work. Love is just a magical word.

5. God is the source of the breath of life

Eh sino pa ba? 😀 

Jesus has breathed His life to His disciples and It empowered them! Yes! The breath of Life empowers everyone who receives it. That’s why I firmly believe that SBCCers who have received the breath of Life from our Lord is indeed empowered! Watch out for the incredible things God will do through our lives in this nation!

We are revived and alive. Now, we are ready to be the means of revival to this nation. SBCC, let [us] go and let God! >:D<

Hearts on fire 
Holy spirit rain down 
Change us from the inside 

We need revival.”


(source: Ate Abi’s FB)

I just want this photo to be posted here. Clingy! Anyway, if you will read my previous post you will know that I just got home from a camp and I thought I delivered all my cries out but it’s just my thought. In this conference, God, for the nth time, broke my heart– the most comfortable and beautiful heartbreak 😀 He revealed to me something… again.. and I love it. 😀


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